Majid “Maj” Vasigh, Esq.

Majid “Maj” Vasigh, Esq.

Majid “Maj” Vasigh, Esq.
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Maj: pronounced like the first syllable of "Magic" Vasigh: pronounced "Va-sigh" Most people go through life thinking they'll never need a criminal defense attorney. And many of them never will. But sometimes, a regular, decent, professional person - a teacher, college student, nurse, or fellow lawyer - will find themselves in a situation they never thought they'd be in. That's when they call Maj Vasigh, a criminal defense attorney in Tampa who is an expert in criminal defense litigation. Though he represents people from all walks of life the majority of his clientele aren't the type of "hard criminals" your mind first conjures up when you hear the phrase "criminal defense." They're just people. People who made a bad judgment call or found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. With 9 years of experience and countless trials under his belt, he knows what his clients are going through. "Folks get this really terrible feeling in pit of their stomach when they get arrested," says Maj, a University of Florida graduate. "There's fear, anxiety, shame. All these awful emotions you never want to experience, piled up into one." Part of Maj's job as their attorney is to put clients at ease during the initial consultation, "Clients tell me the most valuable thing I give them is peace of mind." It's one of the most rewarding parts of the job - that and the thrill of the courtroom. But the real satisfaction comes when he knows he's helped save a client's career and reputation. Maj Vasigh is a proud lifetime member and former board member of the Hillsborough County Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, is rated "Superb 10.0" by the independent attorney rating service,, and is rated as a Top 100 Criminal Trial Attorney in Florida by the National trial Lawyers Association. He's been featured in local and national publications for his expertise in criminal defense like TMZ, Tampa Bay Times, and Yahoo Sports.

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101 N 12th St

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