Suzanne Elizabeth Vazquez

Suzanne Elizabeth Vazquez

Suzanne Elizabeth Vazquez
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Immigration Attorney Suzanne E. Vazquez has been practicing U.S. Immigration law exclusively more than 10 years. Suzanne is board certified as an expert in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Florida. She is one of only a handful of board certified Immigration lawyers in Central Florida. Subsequent to her designation as an expert in Immigration law by the Florida Bar, Suzanne Vazquez was invited to serve on the Board Certification Committee for the Florida Bar from 2005 to 2008. Suzanne Vazquez has vast experience in addressing immigration matters and has successfully represented many U.S. employers, foreign national investors, families, and foreign -based businesses with complex immigration cases. Suzanne also has had a number of victories in the Immigration and Federal courts. Suzanne handles cases representing the full range of U.S. Immigration laws with respect to all of the government agencies involved in the Immigration process in the United States and abroad. Among the matters she handles are deportation defense, immigration appeals and waivers, asylum cases, investment visas, family petitions, naturalization and writs of mandamus.

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