Tom Regnier

Tom Regnier

Tom Regnier
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Did you lose at trial and wish to take the case to an appeals court that might overturn the verdict? Or did you win at trial and now the losing party is appealing the decision? In either situation, you need an experienced appeals lawyer like Tom Regnier on your side. Your appeal is in good hands with Tom Regnier, an attorney you can trust. Tom Regnier will analyze your case diligently, research the law thoroughly, argue your case persuasively, and make every effort to obtain a favorable result for you in your appeal. See our Testimonials page to find out what clients and colleagues say about Tom’s work. Tom has two law degrees–one from the University of Miami and one from Columbia University (both with honors)–and extensive experience in civil and criminal appeals. Tom has focused on appeals throughout his career as a lawyer and has won appeals in the Florida Supreme Court, all five of Florida’s District Courts of Appeal, and the U.S. Court of Appeals of the 11th Circuit. He handles civil and criminal appeals in Florida state and federal cases. Located in Broward County, Tom’s practice serves Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and all other Florida counties. Contact us for a free initial consultation:

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