A. Antonio Tomas

A. Antonio Tomas

A. Antonio Tomas
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A Miami criminal defense lawyer from the Law Office of A. Antonio Tomas is competent, experienced, and ready to take on your case and support you. If you were stopped by a law enforcement officer and charged with DUI, you should not delay in procuring the help you need. Furthermore, if you were accused of a theft crime or a drug crime, Attorney Tomas can assist you. He has dealt with weapons charges and indictments of white collar crimes. He has experience with probation violations and juvenile crimes charges, as well, and is well prepared to fight for your privileges. Have you been accused of a violent crime, such as domestic violence? You need to know where you can find trustworthy support as you seek to combat your criminal charges and pursue and fresh start at life. Attorney Tomas is also a Board Certified Tax Lawyer and a Certified Public Accountant. He has extensive experience and knowledge in tax law and can be an excellent resource for Miami individuals dealing with a tax related issue. Contact this law firm today to learn more about the professional services provided.

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