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Christian Matthew Denmon

Christian Matthew Denmon
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We have been doing this for a bit. We have what we believe is the optimal approach to handling divorce cases from start to finish. Direct Communication: We open up direct lines of communication between you and the assigned attorney. Look, paralegals and assistants are rgeat to help with getting certain tasks done and keeping the process efficient. But only attorneys can give legal advise and counsel you on what to do and when. You get our direct phone number that you can call or text. Or send us an email. And when we are in court or unavailable, you can call our main office line and get to an on-call attorney to help you with your emergency. Fearless Use of the Courtoom: Courtroom experience is a must for every attorney in our firm. As a result our attorneys have tried more than 300 cases. While nobody ever says thet want to go to Court, being able to use it to our advantage actually helps us getter results for our clients. But Keep an Eye on Settlement: Most divorce cases should settle. We take the negotiation process seriously because we know that the best deal is often the negotiated one. Game Plan and Execute: We are big fans of developing a game plan early in each case and executing. Divorce litigation can go "sideways" if your not always moving towards completion. If the attorney is reactive and not executing at all times bad things happen. We have a particular method to each type of divorce we handle that helps us be consistent in our approach and execution. As a result we get better results, quicker, and more cost effectively.

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