A. James Mullaney III

A. James Mullaney III

A. James Mullaney III
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You should consider speaking with a divorce lawyer before becoming involved in any family law case. The common issues that are handled by a divorce lawyer include divorce, child support, relocation, time sharing (visitation) and alimony. You will have a much easier time as these issues are resolved and you will tend to get more positive results by hiring a divorce lawyer. Unlike some other firms, when you hire Mr. Mullaney as your divorce lawyer, you get him as your attorney - not an associate with far less experience. The broader category of Family Law encompasses a wide range of cases and issues, including uncontested divorce, contested divorce, paternity and adoption cases. The issues raised in Florida Family Law cases include: property division, debt division, child support, time sharing (formerly called visitation), child relocation, and alimony. Mr. Mullaney also represent clients in the modification of prior court orders, including those entered in other states. There is no doubt that involvement in any family law dispute can cause a great deal of stress in your life. Since Mr. Mullaney has exclusively practiced as a Florida Family Law attorney in North and Central Florida for over 17 years, he is aware of the emotional toll that these cases can take on clients. With that in mind, his goal is to help clients complete a smooth transition to the next stage of their lives. In addition to being a Florida Family Law attorney, Mr. Mullaney is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Court Mediator. As a result of his mediation training and experience as a divorce lawyer, he can help the parties (husband and wife, or mother and father) resolve their Florida Family Law dispute through mediation without resorting to litigation.

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