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Rich Smukler

Rich Smukler
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Why Mediation versus Trial? As a trial lawyer of over 35 years, I have handled thousands of cases in the area of Personal Injury law (auto accidents, medical negligence aka malpractice, products liability, trips and slips and falls, and much more). Whenever a client says to me "I want my day in court" I take a deep breath. I will then explain the benefits of Mediation, court-ordered or otherwise. It is a chance for you to take some control of the system, as opposed to throwing your fate into the hands of a panel of jurors who frankly could care less. You will probably save a tremendous amount of money in legal fees and costs, as well as the human cost of the emotions required to bring a case to trial. Mediation is a way to put this behind you for all time. For a more complete discussion on the benefits of Mediation, please call.Rich Smukler, Esquire

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