Mr. Joseph Lafayette Gufford III

Mr. Joseph Lafayette Gufford III

Mr.  Joseph Lafayette Gufford III
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Joe Gufford has been a member of The Florida Bar since 1991. The Gufford Law Firm commitment is to provide exceptional client services that remain focused on results. We bring together attorneys and staff with decades experience. At The Gufford Law Firm, we believe that both our attorneys and our staff must be knowledgeable about the specific areas of law that we practice in. That is why we ensure that each of our attorneys and staff members are constantly taking Continuing Legal Education courses so that we are up to date on the latest developments in the law. Joseph Gufford has also been a lecturer on legal developments to other members of the legal community. Additionally, not only is Joseph Gufford familiar with Courtroom procedures and local judges, but staff members are as well, as they frequently assist Mr. Gufford at trial. When Mr. Gufford has a trial or a complex hearing, the paralegal assigned to your matter will also be present. This allows Mr. Gufford to focus on the judge and his presentation in the Courtroom as opposed to fumbling about for exhibits or case law. In each and every case involving a trial, Joe Gufford and his staff will prepare a trial notebook and a trial outline, that frequently becomes the guidebook for the trial. Not only is the trial notebook/outline helpful for the attorney but it frequently sets the pace and order of presentation of the evidence. The mere preparation of the trial notebook/outline forces the attorney and his staff to focus in on key issues long before the trial of the case. Ultimately, this process frequently results in a smoother and more precise presentation of the evidence. To learn more about the Joseph Gufford and the other lawyers at our firm, please review the profiles below or contact our office to schedule your free initial consultation.

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