James Roscoe Tanner

James Roscoe Tanner

James Roscoe Tanner
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I'm Attorney Jim Tanner, of Tampa, Florida 813-322-3565. I've been a trial attorney for 30 years. I was born and raised right here in good old Tampa Bay. The very night I graduated from High School I was selected as the third draft choice nationwide by the Detroit Tiger organization. During the baseball offseason, I went to work in the insurance industry as a salesman where I earned top level management as the youngest executive sales and marketing director in the nation. After earning my BA from the University of South Florida, I went on to law school where I graduated at the top of my class in Boston earning my Doctorate in law. Nothing has come easy for me I've had to work hard all my life. So, when I say I get it, I do. Yet, the most important lesson in life came from my parents who instilled in me one simple truth, "We Must Always Treat Others, The Way We Would Want Someone To Treat Us or Someone We Love." Do that said my folks and you will be happier and have a more meaningful life. Good resolutions to cases don't just happen, they come about because the client has a lawyer who truly cares. One who understands and knows how to apply the law. One who has worked with people from all walks of life. Lawyers often say going to trial is like rolling dice. While it may be an unavoidable gamble you can better the odds of winning if you have an experienced attorney. One who knows people and the value of hard honest work. Over the years, I have learned how to recognize hidden clues people use to mask their true feelings. I’ve discovered a key to understanding people. I call it, "the diverse situational personality”. Recognizing & more importantly unmasking hidden traits in people is critical in dealing with decision makers. This is especially true in jury selection. I believe that before you can win a person or group over you must unlock certain hidden emotional buttons that trigger true feelings. Make no mistake, that’s exactly what I d

(813) 322-3565
5700 Memorial Hwy. Suite 102

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