Scott Berry

Scott Berry

Scott Berry
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I am a criminal defense attorney. To some, that means I am noble and honorable because I do something no one else wants to do. To others, I represent the world’s worst people and therefore must be one of them myself. To me, it means I wouldn’t want to live in a world where I only got a lawyer if my accusers liked me. I hope none of you ever needs me. But if you ever do, I will be there to stand next to you and tell your accusers to prove it; to tell the government it doesn’t get to punish you because it failed to follow the rules; to tell the police they can’t abuse their power and get away with it; to tell the judge all of the good things about you and all of the sad things that happened to you that brought you before him for punishment so that maybe he will show you some leniency; to remind the judge and the prosecutor that no one is as bad as his worst deed. I will fight for you just as hard as I fight for some child molester or drug dealer or murderer. And I’ll do it no matter what your accuser says.

(561) 281-7155
515 North Flagler Drive
West Palm Beach

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