Francis M. Boyer

Francis M. Boyer

Francis M. Boyer
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Hello. My name is Francis M. Boyer, Esq., and I would like to take a quick second to thank you for visiting my profile.My main office is located in Jacksonville, Florida, but our firm has two other offices located in Orlando and Miami. I regularly travel to these offices in order to better serve our clients who reside there. I am licensed to practice law throughout the entire state of Florida, as well as in the District of Columbia.My practice areas include business law, immigration, real estate, debt collection, civil litigation, and international law. I invite you to contact me before making your decision to live, work, or invest in the U.S. I will guide you through this new cultural and legal landscape, and together we can move forward on this path towards your goal.I realize that most legal problems take a long time to resolve and can be a cause for unwanted stress in your life. Because of this, I strive to resolve your legal problems in a quick and efficient manner while working to ensure a just result. Although I know people do not come to see our firm for friendly conversation, we pride ourselves in changing the attitudes people may hold of attorneys. That is why we provide an atmosphere where an attorney is easily accessible.For more information about the firm, please visit our website or our blog.

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