Cynthia Ariel Conlin

Cynthia Ariel Conlin

Cynthia Ariel Conlin
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In 2010, after litigating at a downtown Orlando firm, Cynthia Conlin founded her own law firm with a desire to serve clients on a more personal and direct level. One of the things that drew Cynthia to practicing law was the desire to serve people. The practice of law, stripped to its core, means helping people. In practice, Cynthia spends her days helping clients. Before law school, Cynthia wore several hats, including journalist, graphic designer, publisher, and entrepreneur. From her diverse creative and business background, she was quickly drawn to areas of copyright law, defamation, Internet law, and business law. Cynthia has grown her practice to focus on litigation and enjoys the relationships she forms with her clients. Her firm, Cynthia Conlin & Associates, works as a team and focuses on all aspects of litigation. When she is not in law school, Cynthia enjoys Irish culture and is a founder of the Irish American Chamber of Commerce Florida. She also enjoys Toastmasters, Orlando City Soccer, and spending time with friends and family.

(407) 965-5519
1643 Hillcrest Street

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