Staying Out Of DUI Trouble

Staying Out Of DUI Trouble No one wants a DUI arrest and conviction.  It can make one’s life miserable for quite a long time.  That being said, there are some common sense things one can do to avoid driving intoxicated.

First of all, never listen to hearsay nonsense.  If the person isn’t a doctor they don’t know what they’re talking about.  This especially goes for the old housewife tale that it takes an hour for a drink to metabolize.  There’s no common ground here as each person metabolizes alcohol differently depending on gender, size, and age as well as other factors.

Eating a good full meal means a drink will take longer to be absorbed but it doesn’t make things safe. Driving shorter distances doesn’t mean you have decreased your chances of being pulled over either.  Alcohol and the body can be a combination that isn’t safe until several hours have passed.  Don’t rush in.  Alcohol diminishes our analytical minds and we can make mistakes that can lead to arrest and then you’ll need an attorney.

If you’re going to drink and you know you’ll be on the road later, just watch yourself.  Don’t let things go overboard and have someone else keep an eye on you.  No matter what, if they say you should sit down before getting behind the wheel of a car then let them.  It can be the difference between success or failure in a bad way.

The bottom line here is that using your common sense means preventing the problem.  Drink in moderation and wait.  Let patience and conscience be your guide.

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