Demand Letter and Its Essentials

Demand LetterAccording to majority of injury lawyer several injury claims get settled even before the jury trial provided they have some merit. Secret behind good settlements are proper demand letters.

Demand letter is sent to insurance company describing the collision, the injuries and medical history from the time of injury. However, demand letter that is well-crafted speaks of the person which is more important.

To insurance company, the person is nothing more than some claim number. The basics are known by the adjuster such as SSN, birth date, place of work and number of accidents met with. It is totally up to an attorney to represent the clinet inforamtion to insurance information in such a way that they are forced to feel for the person. After redaing the demand letter, insurance adjuster should have the feel that she/he knows the person.

For every demand letter, important thing is to search for the unique point to be mentioned in it. It is vital for the lawyer to mention something that strikes the mind of the adjuster while speaking of the case esepcially when there are several other demand letters waiting to be checked.

Instances like a client throwing all shoes out with laces after surgery simply because she/he can no more bend down to tie shoe laces or a person wasting nearly one year after quitting the training as pulmber’s apprentice as the excessive training was hurting his injuries, create a memorable impact on adjuster’s mind and help in settling claims.

Some of the times, the stories get personal and humorous which can definitely evoke sympathy from the adjuster. For example, a client waiting to undergo some surgery when asked to rate his discomfort from 1 to 10 stated “152”. This remark by the client stayed in adjuster’s mind even after reading his demand.

The personal attorney should also make sure that injury of the client is not exaggerated. It only leads towards creating doubts on adjuster’s mind which can have adverse effects. The best idea is to inform every problem to the lawyer to keep every fact clear and transparent. The vital thing is to ask clients about how the incidents affect their life so that it becomes easy to describe their situation clearly to adjuster. Demand letter should include also include basic details like bills, office notes and narratives to provide a clear view of the situation.

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