The community growing fastest in the Pasco County

New-Port-Richey-FloridaPeople that have had the opportunity of taking a visit to the southeastern part of the Pasco County, must have noticed the huge growth that has taken place in the last 10 years in the community of Trinity in Florida. Here is something to be discussed about Trinity.

Trinity College was established in the year 1932 in Florida and Trinity Community derives the name from the college. However, Dr. James Gill from the eye clinic of St. Lukes relocated the community to Trinity area. As people started residing here, it expanded as a residential community. It was then that this name started being used following which the area came to be called Trinity.

In US Census of 2000, a total of 4279 families lived in Trinity. According to the US Census of 2010, the population in the region reached almost four times of the figure in 2000. It became 16036.

Trinity is constituted of an area of 4.7 miles square . The place has seen the development of a good number of gated residential complexes along with golf communities in the last 10 years. However small may be the size of Trinity, median family earning here is as high as $72365. At New Port Richey, this median family earning is much less at $53457. The reason behind the flocking of business and retail to Trinity is much obvious, and this is to capture both wealth and growth.

Despite the fact that Trinity owns its zip code and identity, it is still considered a part of the New Port Richey. This is because Trinity is surrounded by the Port Richey. In spite of the fact that development has failed massively in the Town Center in Trinity, that lies largely abandoned, there have taken place the construction of shopping malls, that of banks, along with the massive and the brand new Trinity Medical Center. Be it a lawyer, doctor, or any other professional the area has seen a tremendous growth in the

Trinity also has a great number of providers of health care that have either set up their offices in Trinity area or have opened satellite offices there. I am a personal injury lawyer and I am delighted to extend services in the Trinity area.

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