Food poisoning cases

Personal injury lawyer view on food poisoning
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As for the personal injury lawyer, cases like food poisoning are quite tough and pose great challenges. The reason is obvious and it is difficult to find out the real cause of food poisoning. It can result from contamination of food that could have happened anytime during dinner, lunch or breakfast.

In my entire career, till now, I have faced some of most challenging of the cases such as that of food poisoning. As an instance, let me relate one of such cases.

The client I would talk about was in early twenties and his business that required car detailing. The job permitted him to take time out for himself as he pleased. It was one such day and he slept till it was time for lunch. Since he didn’t have dinner since the last night, he felt little hungry by this time. However, he decided to wrap up some of his work before taking the meals.

It was well into afternoon, and he hadn’t taken a bit into his mouth. Halting before fast food shop, he took a cheesy burger for himself. Jerry, my client, as he took a bite, felt something weird about the taste. He put it in a bag.

When he started feeling terribly sick with churning movements in the stomach and nauseating feeling, he hurried back home. The meat was tested to be contaminated and kept him hospitalized for 2 days with acute dehydration due to food poisoning.

Cases like this, as when my client had no insurance, need to be undertaken by experienced personal injury lawyers to offer the victim full compensation.

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